Fast&Fight Ball
Fast&Fight Ball
Fast&Fight Ball

Fast&Fight Ball

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Tired of these old, heavy and non convenient punching bags? No worries, we have exactly what you need with this Fast&Fight Ball.  
Speed And Reflexes: Due to its ultra-light weight, The Fast&Fight Ball will increase your agility by boosting your speed and reflexes.
Hand-Eye Coordination: Improving the hand-eye coordination will make you much more faster and take your fighting skills to the next level! 
No More Hurting Yourself: The tool is softer than a tennis ball which will have you enjoy it without having to worry about hurting yourself and getting those ugly marks on your hands.
Boosting Concentration : We know that focusing on your opponent is a major key point for a big victory in fighting and without that, the task will definitely be harder.
It will ALSO nicely compliment your Boxing, MMA or Any Combat Sports training and make you burn a lot of calories ! 
  • Elastic Headband
  • Adjustable Rope Length
  • Max Rope Length: 80cm/31in.
  • Weight: 19g/0.04lbs
IMPORTANT NOTE: We sold out after 2 days on the launch of this new product but as everyone fell in love with it, we are doing a restock and 50% OFF for the next 24H ONLY! 
Our Guarantee
At Fast&Fight the customers come first, so if the product arrives damaged we offer a 30 Day risk-free guarantee. Just send us a message at and our customer support team will gladly assist you straight away!